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This is the extended version! 
Included you'll find an invaluable article on why 99 percent of screenwriters fail and how to be the one percent that makes it. 

Read what writers have to say about the book: 

"Ben Scharf covered topics from creating diverse characters to subtext of dialogue and everything in between. What I found especially useful was the 7-step plan to writing better dialogue. It describes knowing your characters, keeping the actual words of dialogue tight, concise and to the point (something that beginning writers often struggle with), as well as not leading with grammar to create diversity in characters, and using values and beliefs of the character to reveal themselves to the audience.

The writer broke down key points with simple scenes that allow the reader to easily understand each concept and apply it to their own work.

Overall, this e-book serves as a great tool to use when dissecting any scene, act, and script. I would highly recommend it for beginners, and even a refresher for experienced writers."

Alexis A. Franklin, MFA - Screenwriter/Filmmaker

In a nutshell, Ben Scharf shows the reader how to create good dialogue through the use of character and subtext. 

He explains what subtext is and how to effectively write it into a scene. There is a good balance between broad underlying principles and practical tips/tricks offered throughout. The author also provides good examples of hypothetical dialogue to illustrate his main points. 

There is a handy worksheet at the end with questions and tips to help you when writing your own scenes."

Tadamori Yagi, Actor, Writer

"With the way the book was structured, I will be using it as a guide when working on all of my screenplays to ensure that my dialogue is properly written. 

The worksheet provided at the end of the book is extremely helpful with smoothing out the screenplay scene by scene. It serves as a great tool for outlining."

Ebony Jordan, Writer

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